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One2One Private Swimming Lessons 

Get rid of your swimming problems once and for all with the UK's leading private swimming lessons


  • Adult One2One Swimming Lessons

  • Swimming Lessons for Children of all ages

  • Swimming Lessons for Triathletes

  • Private Swimming Coaching for Competitive Swimmers

  • Private Swimming Lessons for People over 55

  • Private Swimming Lessons for People with Disabilities

  • Intensive Learn-to-swim Courses


If you’re looking to learn to swim or improve your swimming, Richard Munt's private swimming lessons are the perfect place to come to achieve your goals. Your lessons are completely tailored to you and it will be only yourself and Richard (your One2One Swimming teacher) in the water. Lessons can be with adults or children of any age and with Richard's specialist training, he will ensure the best possible results for both the children and/or adults.


  • One2One or Small Private Group Lessons

  • Private Swimming Lessons Tailored to your Needs

  • Improvements Guaranteed

  • In water Help where Needed

  • You'll get one of the UK’s TOP Swimming Teacher


Your lessons are structured so that they are private One2One Swimming Lessons.


Through Richard's years of experience, he has found that One2One Swimming Lessons offer the best and fastest results.


In your private swimming lesson you can expect to get your own pool space and the undivided attention of your specially trained swimming instructor.


Richard runs individual lessons over a longer period of time for continuous improvement, or you might want an intensive course to get you improving in a short space of time. Either way, Richard will cater for all sorts of people.


Richard stand's by the quality of his teaching, and know's that you’ll have a great time and improve rapidly with him. So with nothing to lose, come and start improving today.


Swimming Lessons are a small price to pay when they can save your life!

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